Unmasked peers into the moment when subconscious thought breaks through to conscious reality – of interior honesty amid exterior chaos. The expression of emotion is             often diluted or redirected by self-control and other external factors. Besieged by societal pressures, genuine emotional expression can be significantly repressed. The rawness       of intimacy between one and oneself is an irrefutable flash of honesty amid societal pressures.

We live our lives through a lens of presentation, a theoretical concept of persona. In Jungian taxonomy, persona refers to someone’s public image. This idea represents the mask we wear in public in order to impose a certain image about ourselves. However, one cannot solely retreat into a world driven by their persona without moments of unfiltered emotional breakthrough, sometimes only momentary. These moments of unmasked emotional purity are enchantingly simple due to the fact that they are “real”. In an attempt to capture the intangible moment between repression and realization, Unmasked glimpses into a private reality most people do not acknowledge.

In this series, I strive to create moments of complexity, ambiguity, and narrative through combining both figurative and abstract representations of human expression, with a strict focus on facial expression and hand gestures. Emphasising the contrasting ideas of external expression and internal moments, the colour palette remains purely in black and white to stress the polarity of public vs. private space. Subjects straddle the world of subconscious emergence, slowly unmasking their persona, while remaining engulfed in a web of external reality.

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